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Why choose palladium private?

The Palladium Private Program is specifically designed for people who are suffering with depression, anxiety, dependency, PTSD or C-PTSD.

It is a holistic, fully immersive, integrated program that commences with a residential stay of between two and twelve weeks. We are committed and serious about making long term permanent changes for good in people’s lives which requires the same level of commitment from each guest that attends our programs. For long term change to begin, we customise daily schedules for you and limit the distractions and triggers from the outside world whilst teaching you how to really understand the core thinking and beliefs behind triggers and emotional symptoms leading to unwanted behaviours and coping strategies.

We have been refining our program for more than 20 years and have had over 5,500 clients treated by our team. The Palladium Private program has a 97.3% completion rate, and a program delivery satisfaction rating of 99.3%#. 

# Statistics based on guest Exit Surveys from FY2022/23



Aftercare program

Prior to leaving Palladium Private, our team will sit down with you and formulate an Aftercare Plan that ensures you will be connected with the services and resources you may need on your return home. The Aftercare Plan will address all the areas that have been identified as being crucial to your ongoing wellbeing and success.

Psychotherapist sessions continue via phone or video calls for up to six months after leaving the residential part of your program. During these sessions, your therapist will go over what was learnt and make sure it’s being applied for maximum effect after returning home. This solidifies and supports your new thinking patterns and core beliefs, whilst they’re reinforcing a a new and permanent neural network in the brain – so you become more and more competent dealing with stressors, triggers, challenging real-life situations and emotions.

Aftercare Inclusions

Our team will spend dedicated time with you towards the end of your program to formulate your Aftercare Plan, which includes ongoing psychotherapy sessions, a pack of customised resources and check-ins with Duty Managers over the following six months.

The key focus of the Aftercare Plan is to engage with local supports so upon returning home, all appointments are made and relationships established.

The Aftercare Plan will be unique to each guest’s specific needs and circumstances. It may include, but is not limited to:


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