Our Program Fees

Program Fees

Program fees are dependant on the length of stay as well as personal requirements such as accommodation preferences, flights and initial detox/support needs. Please talk with our Admissions Staff about treatment program options and costs as this varies from person to person.

The program fee quote you receive will be all-inclusive of accommodation, meals and snacks, multi-modality individual psychotherapy, group therapy, art therapy, yoga, cooking/gardening therapy, mindfulness, GP consultations, massage therapy, family constellation sessions and aftercare support and planning. Flights and transfers may or may not be included, subject to your individual needs and will be confirmed in writing if they are to be included in the program quote. Detox support packages will be noted in writing and included in the fee, if the client is assessed as requiring the detox component.

What is not included: Any incidentals required during the stay such as, but not limited to: toiletries, prescriptions, cigarettes, reading material or anything purchased by Palladium Private at the request of the client. The program fee does not include any additional therapies/modules requested and granted during the program (in addition to those quoted or scheduled), nor does it include any client requested accomodation upgrade during the program.



The program fee is generally paid for directly by the client/support person. Partial or full-funding options may also available, depending on your circumstances.

Potential Funding Options


In many circumstances, superannuation funds will release the cost of treatment for mental health issues on compassionate grounds. Please contact your fund to enquire about this process, or speak to one of our Admissions Consultants for further details. We have partnered with Release My Super and have had many successful outcomes for our guests in having their super released early to fund mental health treatment. 


Some employers will pay for some or all of your program costs. Speak to your immediate manager and/or HR manager to see if this is an option for you. Or contact our Admissions Team for further information.

Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

Subject to individual approval, the DVA can support the full cost of veteran’s treatment at Palladium Private. For more information on the process involved, please call our Admissions Team.


Subject to individual approval, WorkCover can support the full cost of your treatment at Palladium Private. Again, please call our Admissions Team for further information.


Subject to approval, an individual’s NDIS Plan may be able to cover the full cost of treatment at Palladium Private. Please call our Admissions Team to discuss further.


Subject to approval by the ATO, you can utilise your company structure to claim the full cost of the program as an expense under Staff Training & Development. For further information, please call our Admissions Team.

To get in touch, simply call 1300 573 095 to speak to an Admissions Consultant