Palladium Private specialises in holistic programs that treat the underlying causes of Depression, Substance Dependence, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD.


The Palladium Private Team are excited to announce the completion of Stage 1 Upgrades to our accommodation cabins! Stage 1 also saw us add additional components to our holistic program, including:

Medically-supported detox   |    Trauma-informed remedial massage sessions, twice weekly   |  24/7 onsite support from trained counsellors   |  Additional therapies including psychiatry, kinesiology, acupuncture and couples/family counselling   |  Enhanced Aftercare Program   |   Partnering with Release My Super to assist with accessing superannuation early for mental health and addiction treatment


We would like to thank those guests who were with us during the accommodation upgrade works – your patience, understanding and grace was wonderful to experience in real-time as various disturbances took place around us. THANK YOU!

Here’s a sneak peak of photography showcasing the upgraded cabin interiors and winter beauty of our retreat:

A life-changing transformation

No one knows what it’s like to be you (and that’s totally ok).

When faced with anxiety, depression or dependency, it can be hard to enjoy a “normal”, fulfilling life. It can even be a struggle to do everyday things that most people seem to handle with ease.

There’s nothing wrong, you simply need a way to get back to basics and rebuild healthy foundations of confidence and fulfilment. As well as learning how to develop a range of beneficial observational tools and coping mechanisms.

At Palladium Private Health Retreat, you can step out of your normal life and focus completely on yourself and your wellbeing. With comfortable surroundings and friendly, diversely qualified professional staff, we take a holistic approach to your mental health needs – giving you the tools and the support for a complete life transformation.


Relax, reflect and rejuvenate in our tranquil, mountain setting

Located in the quiet Sunshine Coast Hinterland, our beautiful space will be a world away from your normal life.

With everything you need, including comfortable cabin accommodation, supportive staff and delicious, nourishing food, you’ll be able to regain your true inner strength while letting go of all the things you don’t want in your life anymore.

Our programs range from two to twelve weeks, depending on your situation. Just long enough to get you well again.

Talk about anything and everything with
your own personal psychologists

We believe in the somatic mind-body connection, so while we work on your body with massage
therapy, personal training and healthful meals, we work with you on your mindset and core beliefs to complete the
holistic approach to mental health.

Our team of wonderful PACFA-registered Psychotherapists and APHRA-registered Psychologists will help you address the
events and experiences that occurred in your life leading to this point in time.

Through our structured program of one-on-one psychotherapy sessions using a range of specifically tailored, evidence-based
methodologies, you will receive the clarity you’re after and the tools to move forward and beyond.

We can help you overcome a variety of challenges

Our personal, tailored BioPsychoSocial programs are designed to empower you to deal with
issues in your life including:

Achieve the change that you’d
like to see

Whatever you’d like to achieve whilst at Palladium Private, we can help you do it. We will give you the tools to get through the day, without the need to turn to unhealthy or destructive coping mechanisms.

If you can commit to the following, you will significantly improve the long term success of your program:


Everything is done for you

(so you can focus on you)


With a maximum of 18 guests at any one time, we offer a range of comfortable private or shared accommodation options to suit your budget

chef-prepared meals

Healthy, delicious and nutritious meals are a core pillar of our BioPsychoSocial program. Clean food intake helps your body regulate your emotional state

Communication & Personal Development Workshops

In our psychotherapist-led communication and topic groups, you’ll learn how to feel comfortable within yourself again, whilst improving your relationships

Teachings & Practice

Our program includes a variety of mindfulness practices such as holistic stress reduction and mood therapies. These therapies are a combination of one-on-one and group activities

Yoga Therapy

Get your body and mind feeling wonderfully aligned and energised with our certified yoga instructor's one-on-one tuition

Personal Training

We have personal trainers who work with you to help rebuild yourself physically and mentally, giving you the confidence to take on each day with vigour

Art Therapy

Release tension and anxieties whilst learning to express your emotions and experiences through art with the assistance of qualified art therapists

Massage Therapy

Professional massage therapists will take away the stress and anxiety from your body while you are working on your mind - leaving you feeling wonderful

You’ll be safe and supported with us

With just 18 guest spots available in our program, a comprehensive screening process and individual support on hand when you need it,
we will make you feel as comfortable as possible. We have designed our program and retreat in the ultimate way for you to completely reset, whilst empowering you to take on your life again with new-found confidence and tools to forge the better life you deserve.

It’s all about helping you to become self-contented, with the shackles from your past no longer affecting your present and your future.

Here’s what some of our guests have said
about their time with us:

Get in touch with us now for a no-obligation,
confidential discussion

We welcome you to contact our Admissions Team to discuss your specific needs and
begin the journey towards full recovery. To get in touch, simply call the number below, or enter your
details on this form and we’ll contact you back very soon.